Compliance Services

Quantum Analytical & Environmental Laboratories, Inc. can meet all of your routine requirements including DRM monitoring, PA DEP required public well water sampling and analysis, industrial waste stream sampling and analysis, landfill disposal analysis, and any specialized industrial analysis projects.

We strive to work closely with our clients’ environmental projects. We have also proven to be a valuable resource to production facilities, as well as to restaurants, camps, and daycare centers. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Environmental Sampling and  Monitoring
  • Wastewater Monitoring
  • NPDES Non-Potable Water Analysis
  • Drinking Water Analysis
  • Ground Water Monitoring
  • TCLP Solid and Chemical Materials
  • DEP Act I & Act II
  • DEP Phase I & Phase II
  • Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) Analysis
  • UST Underground Storage Tank Testing (UST)
  • Contaminated Soil Testing
  • Ethylene Gycol

Quantum Labs is committed to meeting your needs. If you require additional services, feel free to contact us to explore ways that we can help you.

Solid Waste Services

Quantum Labs works closely with a number of landfills not only to establish proper
procedure, but to analyze industrial waste streams, ensuring that our clients meet the standards and requirements of local, state and federal governing bodies. Quantum Labs engages in waste classification and characterization services while also providing other areas of service related to the industry.

Drinking Water

Not only is drinking water one of our most important resources, it’s one of the leading vessels of harmful contaminants. Citizens within municipalities are already subject to regular drinking water audits through laboratories like ours, but it’s important for many businesses, and even residents, to go the extra step in ensuring they’re providing safe drinking water for public consumption.

Schools, day care centers, restaurants, and summer camps are all duly obligated to live up to the standards of the Safe Drinking Water Act. In addition to testing and analyzing the quality of the drinking water, many businesses are also required to engage in lead and copper testing, SOC analysis, Trihalomethanes, Haloacetic Acids, and Volatile Organic Compounds. Quantum Analytical & Environmental Laboratories, Inc. can help you meet the requirements of providing safe, potable drinking water to your customers.

Quantum Analytical & Environmental Laboratories offers a multitude of industrial services. From Marcellus Shale gas well drilling analysis to PA DEP required drinking water analysis we’re dedicated to providing you with accurate, timely results. If you’re interested in receiving more information about our environmental services please contact Quantum Labs today.

Quantum Analytical & Environmental Laboratories, Inc. is dedicated to providing an array of residential services to our community. Catering to many area homeowners, we can provide analyses and reports on the quality of your private well water, as well as reports to satisfy the requests of financial lenders and home inspectors.

Baseline water analysis is also  important  for homeowners residing within the Marcellus Shale gas well drilling region. Base water analysis can inform a homeowner as to the quality of their drinking water during gas well drilling activity in their area.

Quantum Analytical & Environmental Laboratories, Inc. is dedicated to residents in Pennsylvania. Whether you’re near or outside the Marcellus Shale gas well drilling region, we can properly analyze your water and soil samples to determine their quality.

Quantum Labs is dedicated to being a valuable resource to Pennsylvania residents.

Contact us if you need our help.

With the emergence of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, Quantum Analytical & Environmental Laboratories, Inc. has been at the forefront of providing services to the gas drilling industry throughout the Marcellus Shale region.

Quantum Analytical & Environmental Laboratories, Inc. is available to provide services for every step of the drilling process, from pre-seismic and baseline testing to environmental sampling and monitoring. Our staff is available to help you at any step along the way.

EPA regulation is increasing surrounding gas well drilling projects. It’s important for industry leaders and residents to work with a trusted, local environmental laboratory to determine the effects of well drilling projects in the region.

Residential Services

Quantum Analytical & Environmental Laboratories, Inc. offers an array of targeted environmental services for homeowners related to the gas well drilling industry. Analysis of drinking water in the Marcellus Shale region, over time, will allow the homeowner to monitor their water quality as drilling pervades the region.

Industry Services

Quantum Analytical & Environmental Laboratories, Inc. works closely with gas well related industries while assisting with analysis related to water and soil quality surveys. From Form U analyses, Form 26R analyses, TCLP/ASTM preparation methods and analyses, RCRA analyses and waste stream monitoring, we’re dedicated to providing quality service across the state of Pennsylvania.

Quantum Analytical & Environmental Laboratories, Inc. also works closely with environmental consultants by conducting pre-drilling water quality testing. While we specialize in short hold time parameters, we will strive to meet all of your needs throughout the project. We specialize in pre-drill baseline testing and surveys of residential water analysis, glycol analysis, ground water monitoring, Iso-topic gas analysis and pre-seismic baseline analyses for these types of projects.

In addition, Quantum works with fracing waste transporters to analyze the waste and wastewater streams for safe re-use and disposal. Some frac water services offered by Quantum Analytical & Environmental Laboratories, Inc. include analyses for Form 26R, Emergency Spill analyses and compliance monitoring.